Institutional Website + 4 pages for booking

Dear Maria,

I am thrilled to present our proposal for your booking website. With this website, your digital presence will be significantly enhanced, making it easier for clients to access your services. Our focus is on creating an attractive and intuitive site, ensuring simplified navigation so visitors can easily find what they are looking for.

In addition to detailed pages for booking and information about your services, we also offer direct contact forms to facilitate easy communication with your clients.

We are available to discuss your specific needs and ensure the website meets your expectations, helping to boost your business.


André Medeiros

Below is the budget for creating the layout and development.



► Creation of 1 home page and 1 more page for each destination;

► Creation of an attractive and modern layout;

►Development on a robust platform;

► Integration with payment gateway;

► Easy navigation page for users;

► Simple interface for those responsible to make changes;

► Creation of professional email accounts

► Personalized consultancy to ensure you know how to use all of the platform’s features.

Project Details

Technical design of the page

► Efficient and intuitive online ordering system;

► Clear information about products and secure payment options;

► Responsive website, working well on mobile devices;

► Catalog of 4 products with exclusive page;


A website that not only boosts sales and increases customer satisfaction, but also takes your company to a professional position on the web.


Briefing and collection of Visual Identity and photos

Creation and implementation of pages

Testing all features

► 05 days

► 30 days

► 10 days

Briefing and collection of Visual Identity and photos

► 05 days

Page creation and implementation

► 30 days

Testing all features

► 10 days




Creation of a Visual ID for your brand, facilitating its application on the website

Payment methods

Option 1

► Cash with 10% DISCOUNT

Option 2

► In 2 installments: 50% deposit to start the project + 1 installment of 50% upon delivery

Option 3

► Credit card

Option 4

► PayPal

"Transform your vision into reality and boost your business with your personalized travel website. I'm ready to make your project a success, highlighting the quality of your products and services, and facilitating your customers' access to the world of travel!"

André Medeiros

Ceo & Web Designer